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in leading the way for DXers since 1972

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Our Honorary, Life Time, Regular and Student Members are world-wide and include seasoned DXers, Contesters, Short Wave Listeners (SWL), engineers, electronic technicians, teachers, students and retired persons with various backgrounds and levels of experience who enjoy listening, working and supporting DX related activities!

It is our purpose to further the exchange of DX information and cooperation between amateurs, to promote "amateur radio and short wave listening, DX knowledge and technology, education, fraternalism, and individual operating efficiency".

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Club News

10 December 2013
The 2013 NCDXA participation in the CQ DX Marathon ends December 31, 2013. Any members who are competing in this on the air activity must submit their scores to the CQ Marathon Manager in order to be eligible for the three plaques that NCDXA voted to sponsor. The final scores that are published in CQ determine the winners.

28 May 2014
The next NCDXA Meeting will be held on June 21, 2014 at the W3LPL QTH in Glenwood, MD at Noon.