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Our Honorary, Life Time, Regular and Student Members are world-wide and include seasoned DXers, Contesters, Short Wave Listeners (SWL), engineers, electronic technicians, teachers, students and retired persons with various backgrounds and levels of experience who enjoy listening, working and supporting DX related activities!

It is our purpose to further the exchange of DX information and cooperation between amateurs, to promote "amateur radio and short wave listening, DX knowledge and technology, education, fraternalism, and individual operating efficiency".

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Club News

4 Jan 2016
Fellow Members of NCDXA:

In the course of wishing you all a Happy New Year, with this message I hope to bring you up-to-date on developments within our organization.

Following the resignation of David Collingham, K3LP as NCDXA President, at the December 19 meeting of the association I volunteered to become your President. As required by our By-Laws, this offer has now been accepted by the remaining association officers, Vice-President John Kanode, N4MM and Secretary-Treasurer Jack Ference, W3KX. It has also been endorsed by outgoing President K3LP. Therefore with this announcement I am formally assuming the office.

I am happy to report that Vice-President N4MM and Secretary- Treasurer W3KX have agreed to remain in their positions, as has our Webmaster and Reflector Moderator Rick Murphy, K1MU.

My intent in taking on the function as President is a simple one: to provide an opportunity for a group of mainly experienced DXers to get together in person six times per year in order to informally discuss matters of interest to the DX world in a laid-back, collegial manner where we have a chance to bask in the camaraderie of our friends and colleagues. That's all.
I am hoping that sometime during this month John, Jack and I will have an in-person meeting where we can plan more specifically for the months ahead. The principal immediate task at hand is to decide on the date and location of our February meeting. I do not intend to twist members' arms about hosting a meeting in anyone's home, and at this point it seems more likely that the meeting will take place in a restaurant. I am open to suggestions from any of you about which particular venue we might choose.

I am also open to suggestions about any other matters members may wish to raise, and I think that such discussions can most usefully be undertaken on this reflector so that the membership as a whole is aware of what they are.

I would also remind you that the October meeting has traditionally been the meeting where yearly dues are collected, but since there was no October meeting this year that didn't happen. While Jack reports that the treasury is in reasonable shape at the present time, you might consider sending a check made out to NCDXA to Jack J Ference, 4335 Ten Oaks Road, Dayton, MD 21036-1132.

Thanks in advance for your continued support of our organization. I look forward to a successful 2016.

Fraternal 73 & DX,

Alfred A. "Fred" Laun, III, K3ZO