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Request for Sponsorship

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General Information

Our club members vote on which DX-peditions or special projects to sponsor each year during our normal scheduled meetings. It is our policy only to submit money once the DX-pedition or special project is successfully completed.

All requests for DX-Pedition or Special Project support shall be submitted in writing to our club Secretary.

Written Request Format

Your written request shall include the following information:

  • Requester formal Name (First and Last Name):
  • Call Sign (If Applicable):
  • Your Title with the Organization:
  • Organization or DX-pedition Name:
  • Describe the Need:
  • How much are you requesting?
  • When will the event start and end?

NCDXA Requirements

When we sponsor an event, NCDXA requires that our Club Logo be included on the Organizations website and QSL card (when applicable). In addition, the requesting organizations shall provide a brief article with photos for use in our NCDXA Newsletter.

Click the following link for a high resolution image of the NCDXA logo suitable for including on your QSL card.